Kiah delivers “breakthrough consulting”. It may be the recovery of a wayward project, resolution of a dispute, contract restructure for improved outcomes and cost savings, complex procurement or pursuit, rapid implementation of a new program or development of options to deal with a seemingly intractable problem.  No two assignments are the same but nearly all are characterised by ambiguity, urgency and challenge.

Kiah is unlike any other consulting company.  Our business is fixing business problems, typically in and with the public sector.

Our Consultants are intellectually agile and experienced in both the private and public sector. They understand business is about delivering outcomes not excuses, and bring that mantra to our assignments. We balance commercial imperatives with public sector values.  We do the things that need to be done, not everything that might be done.  We seek to leave a legacy of sustainable, self-managed outcomes appropriate for the client’s needs.

Our success is built on strategy, insight and execution. This is what Kiah offers.

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