Kiah merges two capabilities:  the experience, competence and leadership from experienced executives with the continuously improving methodologies and knowledge based captured through the experience of the company.

There is no hard job description but the following may offer some insight into what we might anticipate at the varying levels. We seek individuals who are dynamic, intellectually agile and personable. They will  inquisitive and have an ability to research and quickly comprehend the essential details on a wide range of topics.  Typically broadly read, they will be able to articulate complex concepts both orally and in good writing.  They will be well presented and present well.

Our Principals tend to have had executive experience in the public and private sector, most probably managed a P&L.  We will expect an proven ability to manage a team, respected in the industry as a leader and a demonstrated ability to manage complex programs of work.  Typically Principals lead assignments.

Kiah Consultants will have all of the same attributes through probably with a narrower set of experiences.  They typically support Principals though they may lead less complex assignments.

Analysts will  typically fall in the range of graduates, perhaps with a few years of experience and some specific domain knowledge.  They typically work under the guidance of Principals and Consultants but will be expected to be self-starters, confident, capable and able to quickly operate with limited direction.

Most work is project related and at the Principal and Consultant level at least you will be a contracted member of the team.  You, and your clients,  will enjoy the benefits of being part of the Kiah Community: a community of like mined cap[able people seeking to deliver better outcomes to the clients.  You will enjoy corporate and peer support, a quality process, IP and toolsets, access to more complex assignments than can be achieved as an individual.

If this is attractive to you, and you believe you have the attributes we seek, please contact us for a confidential discussion.

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